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IIT Kharagpur- the Missing Link to India’s Glorious Fight to Freedom

It is the week of Independence and here we are celebrating it. Come, 15th August and the country waves elegantly with the tricolours- saffron, white and green. Our Institution is no exception; the campus rejuvenates with not only with the colours but also with the sweet little tots and talented teenagers as well, dancing and singing to the rhythm of the independence. Joy is the very essence of such celebration. To have a glimpse of the programmes held, a visit to this digital gallery is recommended.

The Director of IIT Kharagpur hoisting the National Flag on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day of India.

These little tots from Mongrace Montessori House won the heart of the audiences by their cheerful performances.

But we, the IITKGPians are a part of something even bigger. The spirit of freedom runs through the very veins of this quintessential campus. It stands as a fossil, as a missing link, to the pre-independence era. The campus evocates and honours the struggle of our freedom fighters all throughout the year.

Homage to Lala Lajpat Rai.

The Nehru Museum or the old Administrative building stands in place of the pre-independence Hijli detention camp. It is now turned into a museum of science and technology showcasing the history of the first ever IIT of India. It also bears the footprints of the then freedom fighters- Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Khudiram Bose, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and many more were held captive here and their saga is still reflected through the (renovated) prisons. A new museum is built alongside the jail with the clay carvings hung on the wall depicting the chronological revolution that led to the present day free India.

The figurines of the museum depicting the freedom fighters. Here reflected the statute of Matongini Hazra.

The figurines protruding out of the frames.

The statues depicting Dandi March 

The series of wall figures showing the history of Modern India.

The Hijli Detention Camp for Men.

Besides the jail and museum, there exists another vestige which is not known to many. Secluded from the main campus, there is this relic of the women’s jail, although not a frequent visit of the community. The road to the rural development centre links the main campus to it. Representing and highlighting the women of our modern Indian history, the place is well hidden in the plain sight.

Within the area of Hijli Detention Camp for Women.

The shedded jails for the Women of our History.

Reminiscing and cherishing every bit of the freedom that we enjoy today and every day, this is how IIT Kharagpur is different in celebrating the independence.

The writing says it all.

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