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Drizzling Through the Monsoons

Misty clouds, incessant rains, romance in drizzle, playing football in muddy fields, these can all sync up with none other than monsoon. As it comes, it offers its oeuvre full of surprises for us.  To spice up the season, Bengali platter can serve the purpose best. But as it is not a food blog, I will restrain myself from taking such endeavor.

For the shutterbugs, this season is like the cherry on the cake. Colourful rainbows, dramatic portraits of sky, rain kissed streets, drenched lovers, pitter patter of raindrops, flickering sun beams through the clouds, screaming thunderbolts; you can add every tiny detail in your frame. The mood swing of nature can only be captured by your own imagination. To get the best shots out of this plethora is one of a tough job though.  

The confluence of your imagination and framing will create the best shots in this season. So make this season more enjoyable and start clicking. !

Drizzling Through the Monsoons Drizzling Through the Monsoons Reviewed by Arnab Naskar on Saturday, October 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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