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What and Where to Click, a Photo Tour to Bishnupur.

    In search of such captivating moments, we, the click KGPians hit an offbeat road. Leaving behind the well-known paths, those gol chakkars, we took
                                          …..the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
                                                                                    -Robert Frost

About the Place

Bishnupur, a world heritage site marked by UNESCO, famously known for its temples and terracotta artifacts has its own story to share. Every nook and corner of this place, will showcase its history, its glorious past amidst the ruins. Those red brick walls, rubble of the grandeur still mirrors the past.  

The Photographer's Paradise

Besides being a paradise for the Architecture Photography, Bishnupur offered us some excellent street photography and portraits. While having our breakfast, our shutters focused on the lively atmosphere of the place. Local people also jovially posed in front of our cameras giving us the perfect portraiture to click on. 

The Subject is in the center and thus the whole attention is onto him. A closer look would have been better.

Here however the rule of third is effective and hence the framing is eye-catching.

With the framing set perfectly and the subject placed in the center the picture look natural. 

Our first destination was “Rasmacha”. We spent there a big chunk of time to capture every tiny details of that place. We tried to absorb the history as well clicking the memories to cherish. We left from there to our next destination – “Shyamrai Temple”. At a distance this two temple looks ordinary. But if you observe its tiny details, you will be astonished to find such enchanting art work of Bengal. Every bit has its own uniquenessand symmetry is so well defined in those minute arts. We tried to capture every frame and lastly took group picture in front of this monument. We left for our next destination known as – “Large Gateway”. Then we visited a dilapidated temple nearby to “Large Gateway”. The name of this temple is Lalaji Temple”. 

Our energy was boosted by the nimbu pani to have a go for the “Jorbangla temple”. Jor Bangla Temple in Bishnupur was built by Raghunatha Singha in 17th century. The architecture of this Temple is unique and is one of the prioritized monuments on Archaeological Survey of India’s list. It has Panch Ratna design which means five tower structures. Curved ceiling of the Temple is influenced by Islamic architecture giving it unique blend. It has beautiful terracotta sculptures on depicting various scenes from Ramayana, Krishna Leela and Mahabharata. Other paintings and sculptures include royal hunting sights, musicians and dancers. Way its drawn makes this beautiful art seemingly very alive.

We took some photographs of the local vendors. We also bought some items as a souvenir of this trip. We had to wait for our train to kgp for around 2 hours. Hence again we dived into some photo shoots of Bishnupur station, avoiding the curious gazes of local people.

The Symphony of Symmetry and Lines

With the paving way connecting the pillars and the light at he end and the symmetrical framing, it appeals to the visual senses

Here the symmetry is added with a perspective; could have been better without the right sided blur

A series of straight lines when fill up the frame it adds to the beauty of the place as well as the artistic approach of photographing.

The lines circulating a centered prominent subject not only follows symmetry but also the perfect framing of the same.

Some more examples showcasing perspective in architecture

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Bonus: Focus at the centered subject and Voila! Its Bokehlicious!!!

It is a mandate in photography to avoid triangles in unnecessary positions. However some adds to the beauty of it. And a slight touch of Symmetry with a little more perspective give you the right picture to click on. 

Two different World of the Steady and the Dynamic merged together by the middle signal post. 

What and Where to Click, a Photo Tour to Bishnupur. What and Where to Click, a Photo Tour to Bishnupur. Reviewed by Arnab Naskar on Monday, December 31, 2018 Rating: 5


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